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Learn how Respocial Media works and how you can utilize the app in your everyday life.

What is the Purpose of Respocial Media?

We meant to be connected! And we are connected by what we share with each other. With One2Gration we help guide you to connect with a purpose because #intentions are #everything. We call it social media with responsibility aka Respocial Media!  Respocial Media with One2Gration is simple.  

Unique One2Gration Newsfeed

Create your Own Newsfeed  

We have a responsibility to ensure you choose who’s in your feed, not an algorithm. When using One2Gration, you can create your own unique community using filters to curate a one of a kind user experience.  


Create your Special Tribe: We Call it My Circle    

My Circle is a special feed of people chosen by you. This can be your close friends, family members, or significant other.   

When selecting the My Circle Feed, you specifically only see their content.   

Posting on One2Gration 

The “Shout Out”

Purpose: To uplift, inspire, congratulate, appreciate, motivate and show love!


Example: “@Sherice, I saw your interview from the recent tech conference and I love your vision of inclusive environments for those in the tech space! #shoutout #getinvolved #one2gration 

You know something that's lit, lol.   


Here are some examples:   


  • New Restaurant serving up great service  

  • Community Event gone well  

  • A person you know whose doing great things  

  • A promotion at work   

  • A new goal achieved (because we love goals around here)   

  • Positive News Coverage (good vibes is everything)   


The “Not Today” 

Purpose: To share let downs, sadness, stress, struggles, show disagreement, or disapproval. 


Example: Feeling bummed and nervous about the future. I lost my job today. Could use some love from my tribe today. Thanks! #nottoday #showlove #jobleads 


Here are some examples:   


  • Job Loss  

  • Not great service  

  • Lack resources or in need of support in a certain areas  

  • Bad News Coverage that is bothersome  

  • Stress Related Issues on the Job   

  • Struggles in Personal Matters  


How you can share  

You can share Publicly (with everyone in the community)   




You can share with your My Circle Feature  

The My Circle feature, allows you to create your own tribe and alert them when you need to share a "Not Today" or a "Shout Out" that you are not ready to share publicly.   


This is what we call creating a community inside of a community tailored to serve your best needs.   


You can share privately with our One2Gration team if you're looking for support  

Respocial Media Reporting

What's Up Report  

After you've shared your shout outs, you're not todays to the community and/or your circle, we create a customized report just a for you to let you know what's been up with you.  


It likes a snapshot of your world.  


And as your community co-creator, we feel have a responsibility to let you know how things have been for you overall; almost like your accountability partner for you.   


I mean, what's Respocial Media without accountability? 

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